Prayer: Offering a Blessing

The blessings that have been part of the spiritual practices this week have sometimes been formal, sometimes silent, sometimes shared.  One way that we can offer a blessing is to take time to name all the ways in which we are blessed.

There are several ways we can offer a blessing in prayer:

Sit quietly with a sheet of paper and something to write with nearby.  Without second guessing anything, begin making a list of all the blessings you have experienced:  today, then yesterday, then this month, and this year.  When you have written your blessings, use this as an opportunity to give thanks for the blessings you have been given.  Offer these blessings as a prayer of gratitude.

Have you ever used prayer beads?  You can read this webpage about Anglican Prayer Beads if you haven’t had this opportunity before.  You’ll find some instructions (and even some prayer bead “kits”) in the parish hall as well.  One of many ways we can pray is to offer a blessing for each bead, whether that blessing is a person, an event, or a daily joy.

May you be richly blessed as your offer up your blessings in prayer this week.Image

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