Rebuild: Justice from Inequity

This weekend, there has been rich news coverage (and an inspirational Presidential speech) honoring the 50th Anniversary of the historic civil rights march in Selma.  While we have come so far in so many ways, the legacy of slavery and segregation continue to remind us that inequity and inequality are a part of the historical […]

Maundy Thursday: Footwashing, Faith, and Justice

Some of you may remember that it was last year, on Maundy Thursday, that Pope Francis made a deliberate choice in his own ritual of footwashing on Maundy Thursday.  Instead of esteemed or socially “worthy” footwashing, he washed the feet of two young women detained at a juvenile detention center.  He didn’t do it to […]

Social Justice Reflection: Water Equity

Passing a [water] law won’t guarantee that the community has a functioning water system but it will be an important step toward establishing the right of citizens to clean water and the obligation on the state to preserve and protect water resources. Water is something we can so easily take for granted.  We can turn […]