Cultivating Sacred Space: Week 4 “Seeing the Light”

Fourth Sunday in Lent: March 30, 2014 Weekly Lectionary Readings This week as we continue on our Lenten journey of “Cultivating Sacred Space” we are invited to see the light in new and inspiring ways. We begin in the Old Testament reading with Samuel grieving over Saul; surely, the darkness that can accompany grief and […]

Tallis, O Nata Lux

Text: O Nata Lux de Lumine Thomas Tallis (c. 1505–1585) Latin: O nata lux de lumine, Jesu redemptor saeculi, dignare clemens supplicum laudes precesque sumere. Qui carne quondam contegi dignatus es pro perditis, nos membra confer effici tui beati corporis. English Translation: O Light born of Light, Jesus, redeemer of the world, with kindness deign […]

Written Reflection: “The Light of Lent”

Written Reflection: “The Light of Lent” In this article written for the Huffington Post, Sister Joan Chittister reflects from her perspective as a visionary Roman Catholic nun on the light that emerges in Lent. After reading this piece, reflect for a moment. Where is light shining for you during this Lenten season?   What spaces […]