Serve: Wise Words

As this week comes to a close, my own thoughts on service compelled me to revisit the words from the Gospel that began this theme: 

 “Whoever serves me must follow me, and where I am, there will my servant be also.” 

I’ve heard some wonderful and amazing stories of service this week.  I have felt the ripples of service that I have seen enacted, I have felt the transformative reciprocity of serving and deeply connecting with others.  I have seen the words of Jesus lived out in the caring acts of others, and I have truly felt the presence of God as I have done my best to live fully into these words.  To serve is to open oneself to be transformed. 

Service is transformative work, but it admittedly is work.  Diligence to continue that hard work is strengthened by encouragement.  So, to close this week it seemed fitting to offer some wise words from those who have served God and humanity with diligence and authenticity during their earthly lives.  These wise words offer us gifts for the journey. 

Practice, Wait, Follow, Rebuild, Enlighten, Serve…

…Prepare for Holy Week.



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