Serve: Hands Unfolded

I was in my car driving on Friday when this story aired.  Story Corps is always one of my favorite features on NPR because of the authentic, everyday human experiences that cut through to the heart.  This one, I admit, moved me to tears on the highway.  I hope you will take a few minutes to listen as we start out this week’s “serve” theme.

StoryCorps: Live with Hands Unfolded

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Perhaps our most profound acts of service are the actions and words we share with the next generation to instill hope in their potential to release their gifts to the world.

Perhaps this is exactly how God sees us, too.

Opportunities to Serve:  Today, consider one of these tangible ways to support our next generation:

1) Local to St. Thomas: bring a bag of individually wrapped, nut-free candy to St. Thomas this week for the “Alleluia Egg Hunt” goodie bags.  If you’d prefer to donate time, we need help stuffing goodie bags at church on Saturday, March 28 starting at 2:30 p.m.

2) From Wherever You Are:  register to participate in the Online Auction for St. Thomas’ Day School.  The auction opens on March 24 and will be “live” through March 31.  All proceeds from the auction go directly to providing scholarships to families in our community so that children can attend preschool at low-to-no-cost.  Visit the auction home page:


Photograph by Monika Borlin (  

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