Follow: “All In”

I am always intrigued by people who are willing to go “all in” on an idea.  I came across this article by Christian Piatt who is taking the idea of following Jesus quite literally.  His 2015 intention is to live daily into what it means to “follow Jesus” in 21st century western society.  I first read about his all-in intention just a few weeks ago, in the following article:

Christian Piatt, Learning to Follow Jesus

reference website: 

 While we all might not choose such a public course of action, there are several things that are admirable in his approach:

  1. The experience and journey he is undertaking is about understanding dimensions of who Jesus is, not about selecting specific actions and behaviors;
  2. He has enlisted a team of mentors to support him on the journey;
  3. He seems to be keeping it real on his blog:
  4. He is not entirely sure how this will transform him, but goes in knowing it will.

Going “all in” as a follower is one of the greatest challenges in the Gospel we read this week.  Deny yourself.  Take up your cross.  Follow me.  These are “all in” words.  Following will lead to transformation.

What are areas of your life where you have gone “all in”?

What holds us back from deep, transformative following?

Remember:  the same Jesus that offers this invitation also says, repeatedly, Don’t Be Afraid.

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