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Before I compose any of these virtual faith formation blog posts, there is a period of time where I sit with each week’s theme.  Sometimes, I go back to the Lectionary and read the verses where the theme first materialized.  Sometimes, I let my mind drift off and wander wherever the word leads.  Sometimes, I hold the word when I meditate, then let it go and see what images, ideas, and inspirations serendipitously emerge.  Sometimes, I let myself chase down the endless rabbit hole of the world wide web, and simply see what I find.

This particular blog entry is inspired by what happened when I put “Follow” into a Google image search.  Hundreds of images came up, but all of the images coalesced around two themes:  Follow on Twitter and  Follow Jesus.  Apparently, there is nothing else worth following.

So, I mused, what would have happened if Jesus’ followers were on Twitter?

It turns out, I am not the first person to have that thought.  Not even remotely.  There were quite a few commentaries on this subject, and this circulating video of what I will affectionately call, “The Gospel According to Twitter”:

If the video does not show correctly, please follow this link:

I have watched this production video several times.  It makes me wonder, what would have appeared on my own social media?  Would I have checked in on the Mount of Olives?  Captured an image of the Star of Bethlehem on Instagram?  Shared the Huffington Post’s editorial written by a woman from Samaria about her authentic encounter with a visionary leader who expanded her vision of intellectual gender equity?  Or, most likely for me, would I have blogged about my afternoon “small point of light” in which some bread, fish, and collective contributions fed a whole multitude as if by a miracle of the daily ordinary?

My point is: maybe Jesus is on social media.

I am not naive: there is a lot of less-than-holy filling our news feeds.  But, there is also the exquisite beauty of nature captured in instantaneously shared images; there are collective gatherings of people to learn, to advocate, to support; there are inspirational writings that challenge our thinking and our growth; there truly are everyday miracles of divine presence intersecting our lives.  

Today’s challenge for living into our sacred space: use your social media to share the Good News in image, word, or inspiration.  Be the eyes and ears, the hands and feet of Jesus…even in the virtual, online world.



*Note to those who follow by email.  I am experiencing some link sharing difficulties with WordPress this week, so links are sometimes changing from the “web” to “email” versions.  If you have difficulties with a link in the email that is sent, please click on the title of the blog post which will automatically redirect you to the web version.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

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