Follow: Catching Up

One of the realities of “Following” is that sometimes we need encouragement to catch up.  We’ll be forging ahead throughout the week and exploring what it means to “Follow.”  But, today I’m encouraging those of you following this journey of Living into Our Sacred Space to take a moment to catch up with what has been a busy weekend at St. Thomas.

First, some of us were deeply enriched on Saturday by attending a workshop on “singing as prayer” led by Ana Hernandez.  Here are a few pictures, and a sample (from Ana’s website) of some of the music that we were able to create and experience together.  As a participant, I felt immersed in the joy of following the melody (and harmony) of Spirit moving through the room, allowing my voice to respond to the others in the group as we connected in our own form of common prayer.

I encourage you to listen to this sample of Ana’s beautiful music, and to use this as today’s Living into Sacred Space mantra:  Open My Heart.

 [web link:

 You can visit Ana’s website at:

Sunday, several people braved the freezing rain to attend both worship services and coffee and conversation between services, continuing our Episcopal 101 series.  But, we realize that not everyone was able to safely navigate the roads and sidewalks.  For those that were able to attend, Rock Higgins took us on a “sub-way” journey of how to bring our bodies into worship using all five senses.  Rock has sent along his Prezi to add to our blog, so you can take a peek, catch up on the series, and feel free to add your comments and thoughts here about what makes worship a full-person experience for you.  Words to live (and follow) by:  “When we bring our whole self to worship, we can find ourselves in a whole new place.”

Have you caught up with us virtually?  I hope you’ll continue to follow our virtual faith formation this week as we live more deeply into our Sacred Space.

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