Wait: Words Will Emerge

If you were a follower of last year’s “Sacred Space” you may recall that one of the weekly practices we did together was to practice writing short, acrostic poems on each weekly theme.  This week offers a perfect opportunity to revisit that practice…even if you’ve never written an acrostic poem before.

An acrostic uses the first letter of a main word to create a short poem.  Each line can be one word, or you can build a sentence from that word.  There is no right or wrong to this form.  Just think about this week’s word…WAIT…and write down what comes to you for each letter.  For example:





Write your acrostic in the “Comments” section below, or as always you can email it to me at sprice@stthomasrichmond.org and I would be happy to add it to the blog for you.  If you have younger members of your household who might like to participate, please know that contributions from all ages are welcome!

Now, take a deep breath…it’s your turn to create the content and my turn to wait for your words to emerge!


With-Attention-Inquiring  Wishing-Accepting      



photo credit: digital art/photomanipulation Wait Vintage Sky by pollyryan (http://pollyryan.deviantart.com/art/wait-vintage-sky-149661082)

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