Practice: Welcoming Words

We all have words. Words may be spoken, or written. Words may remain stuck in our own heads, or form in images and dreams that we can only hear when we still our bodies and quiet our thoughts. Words may come easily and profusely to some. Words are measured and carefully constructed for others. It takes practice, encouragement, and confidence to be willing to share our words. But, that is today’s practice: sharing our words.

You can share one word, or many words. You can create a poem, or free-form list the words as they come to you. You can share a quote that has stuck with you. Words are beautiful and elegant, no matter where and how they emerge. I hope, with practice, many of you will begin to find comfort sharing your words here in this virtual sacred space during Lent.

To prove the beauty of your words, my own practice today will be to beautify your words. Post your words in the comments section below or direct email them to me at if you prefer to remain anonymous. You can share many words, or even one or two. Whatever you send me, I will beautify and add to this blog post. Together, on this second day of Lent, we will practice the art of co-creating sacred space in our shared words. I cannot wait to see what we create together.

I’ll get us started with some beautiful words sent to me earlier this week…



floyd quote

(photo credit for the cornfield tree featured above also goes to Shelly)





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