Lent 2015: Living into Our Sacred Space

What would you do if you had forty days to live?

Would you give something up?

Would you add something to enrich your spiritual life?

Would you change how you spent your time?

Would you reach out to people you love, sharing yourself and your time?

This season that we call Lent is a symbolic season, where we walk through the wilderness of our lives. During Lent, we devote 40 days to following the stories and teachings of Jesus, and reading the writings of the Old and New Testament scriptures that shape the context of Christian faith and life. We are invited…each one of us…to make this a holy journey. It is a pilgrimage of the soul to walk through these 40 days with intention, purpose, and an openness to seeing and experiencing the presence of God in our everyday lives. This Lenten journey is filled with twists and turns through places of light, darkness, questions, doubt, sustenance, and renewal. The journey of everyday living is where we encounter God, and how we live into and experience the sacred space of our everyday lives.

Beginning February 18 (Ash Wednesday) through April 4 (Holy Saturday) each day will feature a reading, music selection, image/art/photography, writing prompt, prayer, or service suggestion here on this blog. You are invited to actively participate, and will be linked to collective spaces on Flickr, Pinterest, and Facebook as well. Invitations to share music, quotes, photos, images, words and poems build closeness to each other, and connection with God. You are invited to do that in all the ways that you would like, and perhaps even by taking a leap of faith to boldly post, even if you’ve never posted before. You will find a community waiting, whenever and whatever you choose to share.

If you would like something shared or posted on your behalf, you can feel free to email me directly at sprice@stthomasrichmond.org.

This journey is open to all. You may be a parishioner of St. Thomas (where this series is curated), you may be a Facebook friend, or a WordPress follower, or a casual browser who just happened to come across this site. You are welcome, exactly as you are, to join this journey of Living Into Our Sacred Space together. Sign up to follow us by email, add your pictures and words and comments and thoughts. Every companion on this journey helps us live deeply into sacred space together in community.

How will you live these 40 days?

Join us as we set out together on the journey…


For more information, contact:
Sarah Kye Price
Virtual Faith Formation Leader
St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church, Richmond VA (www.stthomasrichmond.org)

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