Reflection: Vastness and Smallness

The journey of Holy Week is one of vastness, and of smallness.

How vast is the nature of God’s love for all of God’s people.

How small are we in the great sea of time and space.

How vast is the Universe of interstellar space.

How small are we on this small earth, our island home.

The journey to the cross asks us to wrestle with the conundrum of the vast extent of God’s love for all God’s people, even to the point of setting into our humanness and being subject to death.  We cultivate sacred space as we consider how this vast love could extend even to the smallest depths of our heart, our longings, our contributions, our struggles.

Hold these conundrums in your heart this Holy Week, and consider them in this reflection of music and images:


One thought on “Reflection: Vastness and Smallness

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