Good Friday: Stations of the Cross

Good Friday

This is not a virtuous story. This is a story that writers would call the wild terror of love. It only becomes a story of love when we don’t look away. The sight is terrifying. Refuse to stand at a distance. Weep and tremble, tremble. On this cross hangs God’s sure and certain gift of love. We have been given more than we can ask for or imagine when the Son of God offers his life for us. ~Rev. Mary Sulerud

If you are participating at St. Thomas, you have a Good Friday opportunity to walk the stations of the cross.  Each year, along with our parish neighbors from St. Philip’s, we walk the Stations of the Cross together on Brookland Parkway.  This action is about prayful presence for our city, our community, and our neighborhoods where poverty, grief, and loss can be seen outwardly.  And yet, these are the same places that give us life, and where we find home.

The journey to the cross is not in a land far away.  The journey  is also in our own back yard.

Stations of the Cross on Brookland Parkway

There are many resources online for praying and walking (literally or symbolically) the Stations of the Cross.  What I have compiled here are creative compositions on “Stations of the Cross” which link with themes of justice from our daily life.  Please feel free to view, reflect, and pray:

Believe Out Loud:  Stations of the Cross and LGBT Struggles for Faith and Justice

Marquette University:  Stations of the Cross and Contemporary Social Justice Issues/Prayers

Episcopal Library: Stations of the Cross for Global Justice and Reconciliation

This day…this week…may we be willing to be present at the cross, to see the brokenness as not only a gift, but as an opportunity for reconciliation.  Where is it that we are broken?  Where is it that we may need to be broken so that divine grace can enter deeply into all the depths of who we are?  The greatest gift is that even in our brokenness, as well as in our healing, we are never alone.  We walk this road of remembrance as sacred and holy space, knowing that God is present.  Indeed, God has already walked this road for us.


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