Cultivating Sacred Space Week 5: “Stillness”

Fifth Sunday in Lent:  April 6, 2014

Weekly Lectionary Readings

This week’s readings give us two poignant images to consider:  a prophetic dream of Ezekiel where dry bones rise into life; then, the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from death into life.  In the middle of these stories, the Psalmist urges us to wait on the Lord with our whole hearts, to call out from the depths of our souls and wait on the mercy and hope that comes from God.  The Epistle reading further reminds us that if God dwells in us, then we also are people of spirit.

What do these readings offer us on our journey of Cultivating Sacred Space?  For me, these readings remind me to be still; to listen; to allow truth to emerge not just from what we see and hear and touch but also from the still, small voice within.  God is real in our stillness, and in our senses.  Our practices this week take us through journeys of stillness, exploring the ways to see and know Divine Presence in the quiet spaces of our journey as well as in community.  In our stillness, we may arise into a more full consciousness and awareness of God at work in our lives.

This week’s image, familiar to some of you who may have visited Shrinemont, offers us an invitation to stillness:  Come Ye Apart and Rest Awhile.  Click on the image below (the interactive image will open in a new window) or follow the link below it to be redirected to the St. Thomas’ website.  Either path will lead you to an interactive image with daily practices on the theme of “Stillness”:

Link to Article and Interactive Image on St. Thomas’ Website:

Touch or click the blue circles on the interactive image to select a practice for each day this week.  Practices may be followed in any order.

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