Written Reflection: Sometimes when I sit in silence…

Written Reflection: Sometimes when I sit in silence…

Today’s reflection (follow the link, above) is one of the most honest and authentic pieces I have ever read about what so often happens when we move from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives into a place of contemplative silence.  Since we are focusing on stillness this week, it seemed a good written reflection not only on the importance or process of integrating stillness into our lives, but on the realities of being still in a world (and perhaps a state of mind) that is anything but still.

Perhaps a good exercise for each one of us is to notice what happens to our thoughts, and our bodies, when we are still.  Don’t fret if you try to be still and you accomplish only a minute or two.  Just let it be, and return your thoughts to the source of where we all want to be in our stillness: being present as exactly who we are, exactly where we are.

God is always there to meet us, exactly where we are.

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