Visual Reflection: Aurora Borealis

Visual Reflection: Aurora Borealis

One of the most amazing natural images of light in the darkness is the Aurora Borealis.  In this stunning slideshow, we see nature’s own artistry of light shining in the darkness.

If the aurora borealis occurred in the brightness of mid-day, we might miss it.  The stunning nature of the colors and lights depends on the darkness in which it emerges.

Maybe our own lives are a bit like this.  We have moments of hope that only appear to us in the midst of grief.  We see deep compassionate actions of others during times when we feel like the rest of the world is against us.  We watch as heroes rise to restore a sense of humanity in the midst of crisis and disaster.

As you view these images, reflect on times when you have felt darkness in your own life.

What colors, what vibrant lights were visible to you in that darkness?  

What role have these moments of illumination played in your own spiritual journey?

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