Social Justice Reflection: Water Equity

Passing a [water] law won’t guarantee that the community has a functioning water system but it will be an important step toward establishing the right of citizens to clean water and the obligation on the state to preserve and protect water resources.

Water is something we can so easily take for granted.  We can turn on a tap, find a fountain, fill our hydration bottles, and turn on our sprinklers.  But, not everyone in the world has regular access to adequate water, and there are places not that far from home where laws do not even guarantee the right to clean, potable water.  Sometimes, we don’t recognize how precious something is until we realize it is precious and scarce to us, or to others.  Today, consider how vital water is and take a moment to realize what a luxury and privilege we have in the water that is so freely available to us.

In this newsletter article from the Episcopal News Service, we listen in to a group of missioners discover and respond compassionately to an issue we rarely think about:  Water Equity.  Maybe this reflection pushes us to think about water differently, through the eyes and experiences of those who understand its precious scarcity.

Social Justice Reflection: Water Equity

Where is water scarce where you live, or work, or pass through each day?

What is one way that you can share…or advocate for…or break down barriers for others who may be thirsy?


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