Community Response: Offer a Blessing

This week, take the opportunity to offer a blessing to someone else. It could be at a meal, it could mean finding a blessing and sending it to someone on email, facebook…or even in a good old-fashioned hand written letter. It can be as simple as taking the time to tell someone in your community how they have blessed you by their presence in your life.

Here are some inspirational sources to get you started:

Blessings from around the world

Irish Blessings (in honor of St. Patrick’s Day)

Feel free to share a blessing (in the comments below) that speaks to you.

Or share with us: What blessings did it bring you to share a blessing with another person?

One thought on “Community Response: Offer a Blessing

  1. A blessing I wrote and shared with my Vestry colleagues tonight. We experience so many unexpected moments of grace during our time together:

    Blessing: Grace in Unexpected Moments

    May the unexpected moments of life
    catch you blissfully unattached to your own expectations,
    and allow you to seize moments of joy.

    May you find yourself hearing words
    that you didn’t expect to be spoken,
    and in hearing them, may your heart be moved.

    May you catch a glimpse of beauty
    in a place where you least expected to see it,
    and in that glance, may you see the hand of God.

    May others see the Light in you
    in the quiet and luminous ways that spirit shines,
    and may you share that connection as a Holy moment.

    May the grace of the unexpected moment
    fill you with the blessing of Divine Presence
    and bring you continued growth for the journey you travel.

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