Spiritual Journal or Blog

This week, we have an opportunity to practice spiritual writing.  The writing you do can be entirely personal, something that you tuck away where only you can see it.  Or, it can be shared if you wish.  Whatever you choose, know that writing as a spiritual practice is not about “getting it right” or finding “just the right word.”  Writing as a spiritual practice is a way of being open, and allowing ourselves to experience the flow of words through us, to describe experiences that otherwise might not be able to find words.  Author and poet Pat Schneider in her book, How the Light Gets In: Writing as Spiritual Practice describes it like this:

Writing is for me the surest way to find out where I am and to open the gate to where I might go next.  It is time to pick up the central threads and see how they weave together.  And so I have taken upon myself this task: to give voice to what has been growing within me, a conviction that writing itself can open into mystery.

As you consider Holy Ground, allow yourself to bring a moment into your mind where you knew you were on holy ground.

Think about this moment.  Try to picture it with as much detail as you can recall.  What did the space look like?  Who else (if anyone) was there?  What was happening around you?  What did you hear?

Take a few minutes, and write about this Holy Ground, in whatever words find you.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Journal or Blog

  1. I am submitting this wonderful piece on behalf of one of St. Thomas’ parishioners:

    The primary shrine for the Christian is not a pillar or tree or building which reminds us of something, but the person of Jesus Christ. For in Him we find not only the memory of love and healing and holiness but the reality of it as well.
    -Br. James Koester
    Society of Saint John the Evangelist

    The picture was taken at my sister’s place on the James River. All of my early memories of going swimming happened in this very place. I am lucky to have a sister that considers it a family place and not just hers. We gather there often and frequently reserve our own weekends to share with others.

    Over the years, I have come to realize that I am a ‘water baby’ and am most at home in, on and around the water. I love getting up to watch the sunrise here and use this time to reflect on the awesomeness of God, the blessings in my life and ponder things that are bothering me. It is where I am most at peace and I always come home relaxed and refreshed.

    Several years ago, I attended a woman’s conference in the Diocese of Southern Virginia. In the closing sermon that Sunday morning, the priest (who was from the mountains of Vermont) talked about our weekend as a mountain top experience in feeling God’s love and our growth as Christians. Later that day, when it was my turn to share my experience about the weekend, I realized that analogy didn’t work so well for me.

    For me, the experience was like a deep and still river washing over my soul to nourish me, heal my hurts and renew my spirit. So, my sacred space is a body of water reminding me that Jesus Christ is alive and well and provides me love, healing and holiness that are indeed real in this chaotic and sometimes scary world.

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